With a gift certificate you can spoil your loved ones, with a delicious dinner combined with a fantastic natural experience in the southern Funen Alps, or impress business associations in unique surroundings and with modern AV equipment for presenting your company.

The gift certificate can be purchased with an optional amount that can be used for everything at Restaurant Skovlyst, such as our a la carte or Gourmet buffet. The gift certificate is purchased at Restaurant Skovlyst.
The gift certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.


Have you also enjoyed our lovely surroundings and wish to take some of the good memories with you at home. In our small souvenir shop, we offer can be bought at Restaurant Skovlyst:

Skovlyst Alperum, 35% alc.
DKK 188,-

A limited edition. This version of spicy rum is stored in sherrybarrels to give extra soft notes of caramel, cherry and cocoa.


Skovlyst Vodka, 40% alc.
Dkk 160,-

In the Funen Alps we managed to create a very unique and mild vodka that is soft and rounded without sharp shades. This vodka we bottled at the factory on Bornholm.


Skovlyst Akvavit, 40% alc.
Dkk 160,-

We have created a pure and clear aquavit, which with its discreet hint of caraway and dill crown has an excellent soft and round taste and a pleasant spicy aftertaste. These balanced flavor nyances make it a perfect companion to the good danish cold table, as it will never be too dominant.


Skovlyst Krydder Akvavit, 42% alc.
Dkk 160,-

This 42% spicy golden luxury aquavit has a rich, soft and comfortable flavor. The beautiful ‘curtains’ on the glass reveal that this is an aquavit with fullness.


Skovlyst Bitter, 38% alc
Dkk 160,-

This bitter is very characteristic with a pleasant round flavor and fragrance, where among other things rowans and cinnamon are noticeable. The aftertaste is very mild bitter with a touch of light sweetness. Skovlyst Bitter is with its fine balance taste and character, a bitter in absolute special class that clearly hits the “wide” taste.


Restaurant Skovlyst shirt with logo, in sizes: 41/42 L or 43/44 XL
Dkk 299,-
Tie clip
Dkk 249,-
Dkk 149,-
Package price: Shirt, tie and tie clip
Dkk 550,-