Below you can see our menu. A menu that reflects Restaurant Skovlyst’s ambition to give you a unique experience in a fusion between Danish and French cuisine. The starting point for the dishes is always the seasonal selection of raw materials.

Lunch - From pm 12.00 to 15.00

Parisian steak + 1 gl. beer, with beetroots, onion, capers, horseradish and egg yolk
Dkk 180,-
“Shooting star”
Dkk 145,-
Alpine plate - selection of smoked products and cheese
Dkk 158,-
‘’Forest board‘’ 3 Danish Sandwich + 1 gl. beer
Dkk 125,-
3 kinds of herring with garnish, bread and butter
Dkk 128,-
‘’Forest Plate‘’
Dkk 150,-

DINNER - A LA CARTE pm 18.00 - 21.00

Menu of the day:

1 course
Dkk 218,-
2 courses
Dkk 275,-
3 courses
Dkk 328,-
4 courses
Dkk 388,-
5 courses
Dkk 440,-

– Ask the waiter for today’s menu.



Creamy Lobster soup, flavored with cognac served with homemade flutes
Dkk 142,-
Chicken consommé with green herbs
Dkk 138,-



Whitewine steamed mussels with flute and butter
Dkk 165,-
Smoked country ham with asparagus and grated parmesan cheese
Dkk 158,-
Devils on Horseback
Dkk 190,-



Fried plaice with white potatoes, lemon and butter sauce
Dkk 248,-
Today’s fish - ask the waiter
Dkk 265,-
Steamed salmon with pommes rosettes and beurre blanc
Dkk 258,-



Flambered pepper steak with mild madagascarpeppersauce and today’s potato
Dkk 245,-
Medallion of freeranched pig with seasonal vegetables
Dkk 228,-
Crown deer fillet with seasonal vegetables with deer cream
Dkk 308,-



Funen smoked cheese with garniture
Dkk 115,-
Cheese plate with selection of various cheeses
Dkk 165,-



Homemade ice pie with fresh fruit and cognac/caramel sauce
Dkk 128,-
Crepes with parfait
Dkk 128,-

Wine Menu

Wine for 2 courses
Dkk 175,-
Wine for 3 courses
Dkk 255,-
Wine for 4 courses
Dkk 308,-
Wine for 5 courses
Dkk 348,-

Cold drinks

Soda various
Dkk 30,-
Dkk 36,-
Draft beer 0.3 ltr
Dkk 40,-
Draft beer 0.5 ltr
Dkk 66,-

If you have special requests for your menu, we will do our utmost to fulfill them
– Please ask your waiter.
We also prepare diet and vegetarian menu

We are subject to price changes and printing errors.